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Who We Are

Marrocos Passeios is an Amazigh/Berber. We design authentic and unforgettable travel experiences based on your preferences. In our tours and excursions, we aim to include all parts of an unforgettable and majestic experience. If you would like a pre-planned itinerary or some inspiration, you can choose from a variety of pre-planned tour itineraries listed in the menu above.
Mohammed grew up in the Sahara Desert as a Bedouin. His family was nomadic until he was about six years old; he has strong family values, which he shares with our guests. Moha’s childhood ambition was to run his own tour company and introduce travelers to Morocco. Now he is genuinely living his dream! Moha knows the desert and its environment like the back of his hand; he feels most alive in the desert. Moha is enthusiastic about conveying to our visitors the euphoric, heightened sense of being alive caused by the massive and majestic Saharan dunes.

8 Days Morocco trip from Tangier to Merzouga

Why Choose Us?

Marrocos Passeios offers a range of short-term and long-term adventures that will allow you to experience the majesty and attraction of this exotic location. Our wide range of expertise and knowledgeable staff will help you to fully appreciate the spectacular beauty of the Sahara as well as the convivial comforts and pleasures of Moroccan culture.

It all began with a passionate desire to share our stunning country, Morocco. A sensation that is difficult to describe but which is felt deeply. Our experience has been enriched over the years by explorations, contacts, and partnerships throughout Morocco and around the world.

Today, we are delighted to share our experience and passion with you. Our specialists are experts in all regions of Morocco and can help you select the best activities for your vacation based on your personal preferences.

We offer a variety of conventional and specialized programs that can allow you discover the rich and unexpected culture of Morocco, as well as its amazing language, people, and history. We will show you the authentic Morocco, from its majestic Atlas Mountains to its magnificent sand dunes and beautiful coast. Morocco, a melting mixture of Arabic, Jewish, Berber, and European cultures, has plenty of things to discover. Its cuisine, architecture, and traditions show the marks of Roman invasions, Spanish conquistadors, Islamic conquests, Phoenicians, Romans, and European colonization. All of these influences have made Morocco a welcoming nation for people of all ethnicities and religions. We are committed to providing you with outstanding customer service by combining our knowledge, vitality, and enthusiasm to meet your requirements.

Let the journey begin, a world of adventures, relaxation, and memories awaits!